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        Efforts (Environment)

        The NRI Group's Environmental Policy

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        Shingo Konomoto
        Chairman and President & CEO, Representative Director, Member of the Board
        Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

        Basic policy

        NRI Group, we recognize that efforts to address global environmental issues, including climate change and environmental pollution, are common issues worldwide. As a company that provides consulting and IT solution services, we make full use of our creativity and technological capabilities in order to realize a sustainable future in cooperation with all stakeholders. Additionally, as the NRI Group conducts business activities, all executives and employees of the Group will endeavor to reduce NRI's environmental impact.

        Guiding principles

        1. Providing social recommendations and advanced and innovative services for building a low-carbon society

        We will endeavor to provide social recommendations for reducing the impact of climate change and building a low-carbon society, and to develop and provide advanced and innovative services that contribute to the realization of that.

        2. Activities for achieving quantitative goals

        To reduce the impact of climate change, by FY2030 NRI Group will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 72% compared with FY2013, and aim for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by FY2050. Throughout the entire life cycle of our business activities, we will strive to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy.

        3. Building and operating environmental management systems

        We will build and operate environmental management systems, regularly evaluate the achievement status of our goals, and strive for continuous improvement. We set goals for improvement from an environmental aspect that consider risks and opportunities to the environment and review them every year.

        4. Dialogue and information disclosure for creating a sustainable society

        We will work to resolve global environmental issues and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by grasping social demands and conducting regular dialogue with stakeholders. We will also disclose information about our business activities and services related to the environment, incorporate feedback on them, and use them for improvement.

        5. Promotion of environmental education and community engagement activities

        In order to raise awareness and understanding of global environmental issues, we will promote education and enlightenment activities for executives and employees of the Group and business partners. We actively support the voluntary environmental protection activities and community engagement activities undertaken by each and every employee of the Group.

        6. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

        We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations in Japan and each country around the world, local ordinances and consensus, and agreements with stakeholders, and take appropriate actions.

        (Established) May 16, 2006
        (Revised) February 18, 2020
        (Revised) February 10, 2021

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