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        HOME About NRI NRI's Strengths: NRI’s Digital Business Strategy

        NRI's Strengths

        NRI’s Digital Business Strategy

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        Your digital transformation partner

        NRI has identified two types of corporate digital transformation (DX):

        1. DX 2.0 - Digital transformation that creates a brand-new business model using digital technology.
        2. DX 1.0 - Digital transformation that contributes to reforming the operational processes of an existing business.

        NRI provides both consulting and technology solutions to navigate clients through their complex digital transformation initiatives as a trusted partner. We help our clients swiftly and concurrently implement operational process transformation, business model creation, and IT for achieving both breeds of digital transformation.

        NRI’s Digital Business Strategy

        fig:NRI’s Digital Business Strategy

        Read More on NRI’s Digital Transformation offering here.(7.37 MB)

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