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        HOME About NRI NRI's Strengths: Solid Customer Base

        NRI's Strengths

        Solid Customer Base

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        At NRI we pride ourselves in our long-standing relationships with many of our largest clients. The experience we have accumulated through these partnerships is one of our greatest assets, as it has allowed NRI experts to gain a depth of knowledge in the application and deployment of technology infrastructure as a company grows over the long term.

        Partnerships with Top Clients

        Nomura Holdings, Inc.

        Nomura Holdings, Inc.

        • Over fifty-year partnership supporting information systems
        • Providing support to accommodate strategy of enhancing digital and long-distance channels, such as the internet and call centers, while also reinforcing face-to-face service

        Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.

        Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.

        • Providing extensive support for core IT systems for Seven-Eleven Japan and Ito-Yokado
        • Providing strategic domain support across business lines, such as online supermarkets, Seven Bank, and credit cards
        • Providing support as a partner in business outside Japan (US, China, etc.)

        Our Clients

        Financial Sector

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        Non-Financial Sector

        fig:Non-Financial Sector
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