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        HOME About NRI Commitment to Quality and Risk Management

        Philosophy & Vision

        Commitment to Quality and Risk Management

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        NRI has long engaged in the tenacious pursuit of quality control and improvement.
        NRI is serious about providing information systems that can be trusted as social infrastructure. We have made the commitment to invest significant resources towards comprehensive risk management.

        Quality Improvement Initiatives

        Each division of NRI is committed to quality control of system development, operations, and consulting services projects. In addition, NRI has established an internal review system for oversight and support of quality control activities for each division.

        Project Management Activities

        Quality Improvement Support System

        Integrated Risk Management

        NRI divides risk into three categories: company-wide risk, business activity risk and disaster or accident-related risk. We have developed a risk-management structure for each category, and a transparent internal infrastructure to integrate risk management across the organization. We perform regular assessments of this structure, improving and adapting as necessary. We have instituted business continuity and disaster recovery plans across business lines and industry segments.

        NRI has advanced information security management activities across our offices, data centers, and our partner companies to build a foundation of data integrity and trust with our clients. As an entity responsible for information security management, we comply with global regulations and adapt our systems accordingly to newly available technologies, setting up internal rules and company regulations. We have obtained ISMS and Privacy Mark certifications and strive to build a culture of information security with all NRI employees.

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